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EIVA is a leading North American registered corporation that offers an international virtual kindergarten & after school clubs for kids to learn best within their comfort zone.

Equipped with the skills based American curriculum integrated with British Curriculum & STEM and internationally experienced teachers, we offer a certificate after the completion of online courses.

Further, our affordable fee makes us popular among parents. We provide 3-3.5 hours of classes(OLSC) per day covering 11 courses/subjects with minimum to no HW, in a very affordable fee. Virtual Homeschooling(VHC)program is in extremely affordable and competitive fee, with essential live online classes covering 5 main courses/subjects, with 3 bonus subjects every 5th week.

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Virtual HomeSchooling


Virtual Homeschooling Program

Anytime, anywhere, self-paced with essential live classes.

Your child can learn and grow better at home when empowered with our age appropriate, high-quality, all-in-one Integrated International Curriculum which is closely mapped to accredited American & British Curriculum with an inclusion of STEM Curriculum. Our lessons material which are based on the 5E Model, allows students to understand a concept over time through a series of established steps, that includes Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. This ensures a child grasp concepts well and apply in real-time. Teacher led live essential classes, support & feedback enables students to achieve lesson objectives smoothly.

Online Live Schooling


Online Live Schooling Program

Teacher led live classes, daily, every topic, every lesson covered in this full time online schooling.

Let your child have fun & learn in our interactive online live classes delivered by our experienced, qualified educators in real-time at your place, everyday. It is a complete package of Academic & Islamic Studies with Quran Memorization bundled together. Our integrated curriculum is closely mapped to the accredited American & British Curriculum with an inclusion of STEM Curriculum. It’s a full time online schooling like any other brick & motar school but with a plus point of socializing with international community without stepping out of your home.

Why Online School?

is homeschooling ok?

Want To Join Our Islamic Education Program?

an online Academy for holistic development of a child

Gift your child a fruitful childhood with our internationally acclaimed virtual kindergarten. Perfect blend of academic learning & Islamic Education.

Make him an expert through our dynamic curriculum covering subjects English-Math-Science & EVS-Islamic Studies-Quran-Arabic-PE, right at the comfort of your home.

A head start to your child’s holistic development within your reach!

EduKids International Virtual Academy

Reviews from our parents.


Thankyou for the Tajweed level 1 course certificates. Alhamdulillah satisfied with the teaching methods. Taught with so much patience.

JazakAllah khair for everything.

Kids have improved in reciting.


Mizha Mifraz, Minha & Mizha’s Mom, Quran & Tajweed Course

This was the first school for my child, and I’m highly satisfied with this school.

Very loving and patient teachers who have helped bring out the best in the students.

The curriculum is fully comprehensive with focuses at both the conceptual and hands on aspects.

Well trained management which keeps the need of every student at mind.

Highly recommend EduKids International virtual academy, best combination of islamics and academic studies.

Huda Qadir, Ibrahim’s Mom-KG3

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