After-School Skills Clubs

These clubs are for students aged 6-14 years, who are going to mainstream schools or doing homeschooling. They can join our clubs as per their interest and nurture their skills to increase their intellectual and emotional intelligence.

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A unique technique to sharpen a child’s brain and increase concentration!

Boost confidence of your child and let him calculate accurately and fast like a calculator by joining our ABACUS CLUB. Its very helpful in improving concentration levels of your child besides sharpening the memory to use it well in other domains of learning throughout his/her life.

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Abacus 🧮 Online Course– 6 Months(20 Weeks) (Level 1/ Level 2/ Level 3) for kids 8-12 years.

– 1-1 classes

– Online Classes by Certified Abacus Trainers

– Online Live Meetings

– 2 days a week, 1 hour a day

Timings: Flexible – depending upon the batch and students time zone

New Batch Starts (In Sha Allah): Anytime a student enrolls



Enjoy coding in a fun and interactive way!

Coding in Scratch and Python is a must learn skill in Modern era to expose your child to Artificial Intelligence and make him/her future ready.

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1-1 online live classes by Certified Trainers

Level: Beginners

Age: 11+ years

Duration: 8 weeks, 2 days a week, 1 hour a day

Days: Flexible

Timings: Flexible

Young Entrepreneur

With this course your child can get the foundation to become a successful entrepreneur. The course covers everything from business planning, budgeting, guiding to set it up, to website creation, making online forms(enquiry/registration/ordering etc.), to graphic designing and branding and finally establishing social media presence.

It is a sunnah in Islam to do trading /business. Giving kids right values of business and showing them the way to go ahead in it, is essential to start early.

Further, interacting with kids from different countries and exchanging ideas will help your child to learn better in these small group live classes.

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Age: 13+years

Days: Monday-Tuesday

Timings: 12noon EST/ 8pm AST or any flexible timings as per the batch

Duration: 4 Weeks

Quran & Sunnah Club

Online Quran Classes with Hadith & Quran stories


1 hour session

Age: 4-8 years

qaida &Quran courses

Online Qaida, Quran & Tajweed courses are delivered by native Certified Internationally Experienced Educators.

Most people read Quran but not in the correct way as it deserves to be. Reading Quran in a correct way with right Arabic pronunciation, proper accent & Tajweed rules is what we focus on and provide hand-picked best native educators for the same.

Our Educators are highly skilled at making online learning fun and effective and they speak fluent English.

Convenient Timings: As per the batch(Different Time Zones)

Days: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday

30minutes a day

Small group size(max. 4 students) to provide individual attention

Age: 5+ years(Boys upto 7years, Girls 5+years) and Women

1. Quran & Tajweed (Online for Girls 8-14yrs)

This is an excellent opportunity for girls/women to learn Tajweed and Quran Memorization/Recitation without disturbing their other routine tasks.

Includes teaching:

– Qaida & Quran Memorization / Quran recitation with Correct Tajweed

– Correct Tajweed Rules & its application

– Quran Memorization(Chapter 30)

– 3 Levels Course

– Duration: 10 months

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2. Quran & Tajweed (Online for Women)

For women, the Tajweed course covers Nazera(read Quran) with proper Tajweed. We build the foundation through Qaida lessons and Tajweed lessons then makes sure the application of these learnings are reflected in actual reading of Quran.

3. Qaida & Quran (Online for kids 5-8yrs)

The Qaida & Quran classes is for kids aged 5-8yrs to learn correct pronunciation/tajweed to read Quran fluently. It also includes memorization of essential surahs from chapter 30, with correct makhraj and tajweed rules.

Includes teaching:

– Qaida Nooraniya / Quran recitation with Correct Tajweed

– Quran Memorization

– Duas/Hadith/Prophet Stories etc.

4. Qaida Nooraniya(Online for kids 5+yrs)

Young Kids of age 5+years can join our Qaida Online Course to get a strong foundation on articulation points of letters, basic tajweed rules, duas/hadith with interesting stories to inculcate values in them.

Includes teaching:
-Qaida Nooraniya
-Quranic Duas
-Hadith/Prophet stories etc.

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Arabic Speaking Course

Online Arabic Speaking Classes by a Certified Native Educator

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Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday (any 2 days per week)

1 hour session

Age: 8-12 years

English Speaking Course

Online English Speaking Classes by a Certified Native Educators. It covers Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. This course is infused with accent training and presentation skills to articulate in English confidently.

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Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday (1 hour sessions)

3 months duration(12 weeks)

Convenient Timings

Age: 12-17 years / 8-12 years

Online Summer Camp 2022

Join our Online Summer Camp 2022 to let your child learn with fun and do lots of amazing activities.