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Current Openings:(2022-2023)

We are looking for the following qualified & experienced part-time ONLINE educators for the Academic year 2022-2023:

  1. Early Childhood Educators for Kindergarten – 2 no.

(Must Teach Subjects: English-Math-Science & EVS-STEM-PE)

2. Arabic Teacher – 1 no.

3. Artificial Intelligence Educators for kids 8-15 years- 1 no.

Job Description:

– deliver online classes on time with engaging activities, interactive games, age appropriate assignments etc. as per our curriculum

– check students work regularly as scheduled and provide constructive feedback to superiors and then to parents

– maintain complete digital files of students attendance record, continuous assessments record, anecdotes, marks/grades sheets, pictures, albums, activities, assignments, developmental milestones etc.

– attend staff and parent meetings regularly

– meticulously prepare lesson plans based on individual needs and catering to differentiated learning and use latest teaching strategies

– prepare weekly hands-on activities, quizzes, projects etc. in STEM, group time and physical activities in PE

– plan & organize virtual events, field trips etc.

– answer to students and parents queries

– prepare and administer assessments & quizzes

– treat students with love, care, politeness, friendliness and respect

– plan and prepare remedial work whenever deemed necessary

– prepare theme based environment and props to teach

– follow schools’ policies, rules and regulations

– follow guidelines & rules of the school which may be framed or updated from time to time

– any other work assigned from time to time.

Pay per hour: Standard market pay rate

Interested candidates can also send their CV with a cover letter to:

To apply, you must posses 1-2 years of international teaching experience and sound knowledge of online teaching resources besides a relevant graduation degree in your majors. Preference will be given to certified candidates.

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