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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Virtual HomeSchooling Program is an online course for homeschooling kindergarten, perfectly designed keeping in mind the ease of your child’s learning in a self-paced mode. It helps parents to teach their kids easily in a fun way at home. It offers rich, stimulating, and engaging online content accessible 24/7. Our engaging animated, self-paced digital lessons facilitates learning in a convenient manner.

Further, our qualified & internationally experienced educators deliver essential live online classes to help the child get concept clarity, clear doubts, interact live with them, build confidence, ask questions, discuss with international classmates and enjoy lessons. These essential online live classes+ are thoughtfully planned every 5th week(2hours-2.5hours/day/5th week), keeping homeschooling students goals and convenience as a top priority and to benefit them immensely by live educators teaching in fun, interactive way. Plus a regular support and feedback from educators helps you keep your child rightly aligned to achieve the lesson objectives.

You, as parents, will receive All-in-one Integrated Curriculum, which is closely mapped to the American Curriculum, British Curriculum, along with an inclusion of STEM. This ensures that a child can easily adjust to any curriculum in his/her future education in any school worldwide to rise & shine.

Everything is delivered to you in an easy way in the virtual classrooms to start homeschooling your child right away at a click.

+Additional Feature currently added as Complimentary(Free) under offer/for limited period of time/may be chargeable later as per the academy’s decision.


– English (Phonics & Reading)

– Math

– Science & EVS


– Arts & Craft (Inclusive)

Currently, Virtual Homeschooling Program is available for Kindergarten 1, Kindergarten 2 & Kindergarten 3.

How virtual Learning Works?

Your child is required to enter the virtual classrooms, follow the conceptual learning material containing animated interactive digital lessons, fun-filled activities, engaging assignments and complete their course work in accordance with the weekly target under parents guidance & support. These self-paced, self-demonstrating and interactive contents will help your child to grasp concepts well.

Further, the child requires to attend the live classes every 5th week to get a thorough grasp on concepts from our educators and clear doubts. They get the opportunity to meet and interact with all classmates from different countries, thereby making international friends and global community.

The total live classes in full 5th week are 12 for KG1 and 16 for KG 2 & KG 3, Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. The schedule is set well in advance and shared with all parents and students. The schedule is conveniently set to suit various time zones in general.

Your child will gain working knowledge of concepts & reinforce his/her learning through our fun-filled, interactive, engaging activities, projects, STEM activities and assignments. The regular support, guidance, evaluation and feedback by our qualified and experienced educators will help your child to complete his/her course successfully.

Latest technology enables individualized learning to happen anytime, anywhere. The virtual classrooms provides regular support on evaluating assignments, tracking progress, and helping students to achieve their goals.

This program also helps students to cut down on the screen time usage by easily printing out the resources and other learning material to work on.

What you get in this course?


– English (Phonics & Reading)

– Math

– Science & EVS


– Arts & Craft (Inclusive in subjects)

Includes live online classes scheduled every 5th week during the academic year, to meet classmates and educators to help reinforce concepts.

Everything from interactive, high-quality animated digital lessons material to activities to assignments to projects to educators checking & feedback to evaluations to assessments to a course completion certificate at the end of the academic year.

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Enrollment process

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Academic Year: September-June

Term 1: September-December/January

Assessment 1: December/January

Term 2: January-May/June

Assessment 2: June


Key to choosing right study level for your child.……….

School readiness makes the transition to school less traumatic for the child and family and gives students a strong foundation on which to build their educational future.

Kindergarten 1 (Age : 3-4 years) Kindergarten 2 (Age : 4-5 years) Kindergarten 3 (Age : 5-6 years)
Your child will enter to Early Learning Years first stage at this level. More than any academic knowledge they need to have properly progressing prime areas of learning: Cognitive, Emotional and Physical.
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Your child will enter to Early Learning Years second stage at this level. They must have strong knowledge of basic literacy, mathematics and environment to build on next education level.
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Your child will enter to Early Learning Years final stage at this level. They must have strong working knowledge of basic literacy, writing, mathematics and environment to build on next education level.
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*Note: Children should work online/virtually only under parents close supervision and must not be left alone at all.

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