Terms of Service

Refund Policy

Tuition Fee:

Please note that EduKids International Virtual Academy LLC, USA, does not issue 100% refunds. This is because within hours of enrollment, our administrative team undertakes many tasks to complete the admission process of the student & all other formalities. EduKids International Virtual Academy incurs the cost of these tasks immediately upon enrolment to let the students start with the courses soon. Even if the student does not begin the course, the preliminary work in our office will be completed.

Only the tuition fee up to 75% is considered for refunds in certain exceptional situations at the discretion of the management, if the child has not started the course in any form. However, it will be subjected to deductions towards bank transfer fee, service charges and other charges as applicable at the moment to process the refunds. In such circumstances the decision of the management will be final.

Registration Fee:

It is one-time payment at the time of admissions/enrollments. It is non-refundable in any circumstances.

Shipping Charges:

Shipping charges are extra and to be borne by parents whenever required as deemed necessary by the academy(EIVA).

offers & discounts Policy

EduKids International Virtual Academy holds all rights to announce or roll back offers/discounts anytime without any intimation or notification in public or private.

Discounts or offers are applied only when the fee payment is successfully done by parents/students within the time period for the same. The registration of students doesn’t guarantee application of discounts or offers for any course/program.

The discount offers on the course fee may be different for new admissions and existing students.

Course Transfer Policy

Course transfers are possible in some circumstances. Please contact us by email info@edukidsvirtualacademy.com to discuss possibilities and your child’s qualifications for the same.

Student Enrolment Policy

Students enrollment goes on till February for the Online Live Schooling Course (OLSC).

Enrollments for Virtual Homeschooling Course(VHC) & Independent Learning Course(ILC) are accepted throughout the year.

There is no set schedule for a student to follow in Virtual Homeschooling Course(VHC), however there are target goals for completing assignments. The student may start their course within 24 hours of registration and move through it at their own pace. The only restriction is that the course must be completed before the end of each Term. A student will not be entitled for a course completion certificate and a report card if they do not complete it within 10 months including both the terms.

The admissions to Online Live Schooling Course(OLSC) can take place through out Term 1 and January/February in Term 2 of each academic year. However, the parents/guardians must give an assurance/undertaking to help the child coverup for the missed term or parts of course during the academic year.

Online classes & educators Policy

  • EduKids International Virtual Academy hires best educators to deliver courses at all levels. Educators are hired based on their experience, certification and expertise, irrespective of nationality, caste, religion or ethnicity. Educators can be residents or nationals of any country and their appointment is a complete authority of the academy’s management.
  • Educators are hired for the full course term. However, EduKids International Virtual Academy holds no responsibility if the educator quits due to his/her personal reasons before the end of the contract period. In Sha Allah, we make sure to arrange another educator immediately to carry out students learning smoothly without any gaps or missing classes. Continuity of classes and providing quality learning experiences for students is our top most priority.
  • Online classes for every course are planned, scheduled and informed to educators and students/parents well in advance to prepare for the same. If a class has to be re-scheduled due to exceptional situations arising at the educators ends then it will be informed to parents immediately. There can be technical reasons sometimes that may force re-scheduling of the classes.
  • Lessons that are cancelled due to the fault of the academy (e.g. internet cutoffs, educators internet connection, system break down, staff sickness) will either be covered by a substitute teacher or made up in the form digital lessons. We do not offer refunds for cancelled lessons that are substituted with one of the ways mentioned above.
  • Academy reserves all rights to change the schedule in order to continue with the lessons, if required.
  • Students must attend online classes regularly with punctuality for the courses/programs having live online lessons. Attendance is recorded on the daily basis to consider during evaluations for fair results.
  • Parents to ensure printing all weekly PDFs, to keep it ready for their children to learn with fun during online classes. PDFs are accessible in advance before the scheduled classes.
  • In general educators and students initially may take some to adjust and build a rapport. We make sure to provide stimulating, fun-filled and interactive virtual environment for students to adjust well with every educator that is appointed for them.
  • We encourage mothers or female guardians to assists kids 3-6years during live classes and study period at home being in the online mode. A child should not be left alone to use the computer on his/her own for safety purpose.
  • Supplies, activity material list is provided in advance as per the requirements to be arranged by parents. It’s usually very basic and easily available items. We also believe in making use of recyclable items available at home to enhance creativity in child.

Internet usage & Security

Academy will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your child uses the facilities of the school platform for appropriate purposes, but your child will be held accountable for any misuse. Deliberate misuse will be treated as a breach of EduKids International Virtual Academy rules which will be investigated and may result in the expulsion of a student from the school.

YouTube and other resources from the internet will be used as part of students lessons. Academy will never link/direct students to anything that is not educational. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that they have appropriate internet usage monitoring controls and internet security software to protect their child from inappropriate online content.

LMS & students Usernames and Passwords

Students shall not share their usernames, passwords, links or resources with other students or any other person except parents. All learning material is exclusively provided for the registered student’s benefit and learning.

Sharing EIVA curriculum or any recourses, in any ways to any other person or institution or for any commercial use is a breach of the EIVA terms and conditions resulting in infringement of copyright policy.

LMS and digital lessons access is for 1 full year for ILC from the date of joining. For OLSC and VHC, it is from the date of joining till the end of the running academic year.

All policies may be modified at any time on the EduKids International Virtual Academy LLC’s website. The use of or enrollment in the EduKids International Virtual Academy LLC courses indicates that the student and/or parent/guardian accepts these policies.