North American Online Kindergarten

EduKids International Virtual Academy is a leading USA registered company that offers an international virtual kindergarten, designed and developed by professional educators, to help students & homeschoolers learn best within their comfort zone.

The journey to our kindergarten started in the year 2016. The response to our program from parents was tremendous that kept us growing year by year. In 2019, due to COVID-19 we switched to virtual learning mode to provide uninterrupted quality education to our students through our Virtual Kindergarten.

Our experience is more than 15 years in educating multinational students. A good number of international students have been successfully inspired, motivated and trained by us.

The Founder & President of EduKids International Virtual Academy, envisions bringing real-time skills-based academic education while inculcating strong value system in kids to appreciate human relationships & survival at large. Gradually we built a team of visionaries, leaders, academicians, entrepreneurs, who believes in innovating brilliant ideas that work for the holistic development of children through the medium of education.


Our vision is to reach students globally to help them build skills & values that set them up for success in their future endeavors.


Our mission is to provide skills-based, fun-filled, interactive, real-time applicable stimulating learning experiences to students, that promotes their cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

At Present

Currently we are accepting students in Reception(KG 1), Junior KG(KG 2) & Senior KG(KG 3), from age 3-6 years, for time zones from North America, KSA, UAE, India & globally from any part of the world.

Kids Having Fun To Learn Properties of Matter

Our Curriculum

Our unique in house crafted integrated international curriculum that is closely mapped to the accredited curriculums (American Curriculum, British Curriculum, along with an inclusion for STEM based curriculum), is available for schools, students & homeschoolers to learn best from their comfort zones. It empowers students with practical skills and to remain focused on achieving their goals in life.

Our Online Live Schooling Program is infused with the Islamic Studies, Arabic & Quran Memorization in a unique way. The Islamic Section is open to any child aged 3-6years coming from any location or enrolled in any academic school.

KG 2 Experimenting Soluble & Non-Soluble
Kids Exploring Sense of Smell

is our online school as beneficial as a physical school?

Yes, our online school is fortunate to reinvent the education system that trains students to make them future ready for their respective careers, from comfort of their home. Besides this, it has many other benefits:

  • Online learning needs IT trained professional educators to plan & deliver classes effectively engaging all students. This is the main advantage of our online school, as its designed, developed and executed by certified, qualified, experienced team of IT specialists and academic educators
  • Budget friendly to access the high standard of education
  • Saves time on usual commuting to physical location as it comes to your doorstep
  • Can join in from any country to learn at comfort of your home
  • Meet real international students and educators and get exposure to cross border life style, cultures, values, traditions etc. which is a great benefit for a child to become a future leader
  • Socialize and interact with students globally
  • Learn from language or subject specific native and qualified educators at much lesser than regular costs
  • Can easily make up for missing classes or school days by accessing virtual classrooms with all contents available at finger tips
  • Students are in a safe and comfortable zone i.e their homes and under parents supervision, hence leading to no concerns of mistreatment or physical abuse
  • As most of the regular physical schools use technology and smart boards to deliver lessons, the screen time is justified in an online school as well. Our classes are full of engaging activities that needs a learner to do it in a real time, interacting with physical objects, thereby giving a cut down on continuous screen watch
  • Live activities and events to get a thorough grasp of concepts from comfort of home
  • Can easily transfer your child to any other regular school or online school
  • Easy submission and evaluations with complete feedback helps students to align with set standards
  • And……….. many more benefits to be honest.

Is it “OK” to HomeSchool a child?

Albert Einstein was self-taught under his mother’s guidance at home and today the genius is an inspirational figure for the world. Learning has no restrictions and can be done at any stimulating environment.

Why Homeschooling?

There are many reasons for which lots of parents across the globe opt for homeschooling their child. 

Mainly, the reason being dissatisfaction over the traditional learning system that mostly focuses on theoretical & abstract concepts which may not attract all children. Homeschooling can be done to provide flexibility for a child to work on gaining skills needed to pursue his/her passion.

Some parents may have no option to pick & drop their kids to school daily. Few may have other commitments to be prioritized than giving in full time schooling. Many find it easy to teach kids at home in safe & comfortable environment, besides saving on huge fee bills.

Recently, the main reason is social distancing due to COVID-19 Pandemic, which affected the level of education, and requires support from IT experts having experience in education system as well. And there can be many more reasons to go for it. 

This option is nevertheless lesser than any mainstream program if rightly aligned to the skills-based curriculum and learning resources. This is where you are given all our support & resources to facilitate students with all their learning needs and acquire working knowledge of concepts from English, Math, Science & EVS along with STEM.

We have a team of experienced Educators, IT professionals and Curriculum developers to devise right courses to empower your child.

Whom we cater to?

Being an online school we enroll regular students in Online Live Schooling course. This is a full-time online program like any full-time brick & motar school, but with a plus point of not leaving your home to attend it.

Further, after taking a decision to homeschool a child, often parents are confused and stressed on what to teach, how to teach and where to start, what resources are required etc. This is where our role starts in providing all-in-one curriculum along with assessments, to align your child’s learning to the global standards.

Our courses are thoughtfully designed to cater to the learning needs of regular online students, new homeschoolers, already homeschoolers, and after-school help for mainstream students. 

We also support students opting for ICT(Information & Communication Technology) at different levels.

All our courses and services are virtual and online live as well. We use latest teaching methodologies, software tools, best applications, demanding open source resources & our knowledge database to create power-pack digital learning courses for students. And these courses are absolutely easy to use and learn from.

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