Virtual Kindergarten Programs

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Let us bring Kindergarten to you home!

Online Live or Virtual Homeschooling mode, whatever is your choice, we have answers to all your questions.

Are you a parent who feels it’s too early to send your child aged between 3-6 years to a formal school?

Do you feel that a child should enjoy his childhood fully before starting the compulsory school education?

Are you homeschooling your child but confused in what to teach and how to teach? And overwhelmed with resources available at large?

In addition to the above questions, you are also worried “What if?” your child is left behind the competition if stays home to enjoy his childhood. You would like to get your child benefitted by the Early Childhood Education as well but without compromising his play age and precious childhood days so he/she can live joy fully in a secure place, your HOME!

Well, we have a solution to all these problems, that too at the comfort of your home!

Let your child enjoy his/her childhood to the fullest without any worries of staying behind from the rest of the world.

Mahjabeen Fatima, Founder, EduKids

We bring the Kindergarten at your doorstep, within your home, in a fun way, with the age appropriate skills-based curriculum, for your child’s strong foundation!

Our Virtual Kindergarten is well designed with latest software tools for intuitive experience, unique integrated international curriculum and high-quality resources, to give stimulating learning experiences to students aged 3-6 years, to stay safe, have fun & learn, right at the comfort of their home.

Admissions Age Cut Off Date: 31.Dec

Our Programs:

  1. Online Live Schooling Program(OLSC) (Modern Academic & Islamic Education)
  2. Virtual HomeSchooling Program(VHC) (Modern Academic Education)
  3. Independent Learning Program(ILC) (Modern Academic Education)
  4. Al-Hidayah Program(AHP) (Islamic Education)

Get an international certificate for your child through our online school.

Join the best program today!

How is our Academic standard?

The unique integrated international curriculum is designed and developed by our in-house versatile, certified, qualified & professional heads, educators & parents, having years of experience in teaching. It is closely mapped to the major accredited curriculums (American Curriculum, British Curriculum with an inclusion of STEM Curriculum). This ensures that a child can easily adjust to any curriculum in his/her future education in any school worldwide to rise & shine. It mainly caters to age appropriate skills development in a child that helps him/her get future ready towards a successful career.

It is incorporated with the modern educational disciplines including STEM that focuses on practical implementation of knowledge-to-application, for a child to generate ideas and become future innovator, In Sha Allah.

Further, the Curriculum is extended to make an inclusion for Islamic Studies, Arabic and Quran Memorization in our Online Live Schooling Program(OLSC) to help the Muslim community kids get a right foundation to build on values to succeed in this life and akhirah.

Read more to know about our Islamic Education and different programs.

Why a child need islamic education besides modern academics?

Islamic education aims at the balanced growth of the total personality of human being covering physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social & environmental aspects. These entire components need proper education and training in such a way that a child can create an emotional attachment to Islam and enables to follow the Qur’an and Sunnah appropriately.

This is a great versatility that the Qur’an and the Prophet S.A.W. mention repeatedly the paramount importance of education and the supremacy.

ONline LIve Schooling program

Live classes delivered by our professional, highly-qualified educators, experienced in teaching Integrated International Curriculum, everyday, covering every concept!

A full time online schooling program providing internationally experienced teachers to help your child gain excellent skills in languages such as English & Arabic, Math, Science & EVS.

This program is offering Academics with STEM bundled together with Islamic Studies, Arabic & Quran Memorization.

A complete package designed to equip your child with skill-based learning for the success in the competitive world & to imbibe the first revelation of Quran saying “Iqra bismi rabbi…“. This is a vital aspect of the development, progress and accomplishment of human being in the present world and akhirah.

A regular full time school that comes to your home, online!


Virtual Homeschooling program

Closely mapped to accredited American & British curriculum with a part of STEM curriculum! Have essential online classes by our educators, fun-filled, interactive, animated lessons material, high-quality activities, projects, STEM and much more. Our certified, qualified educators regular support & feedback lets your child learn with ease.

Easy & affordable homeschooling focusing on age appropriate skills development in a fun way from comfort of your home.

Self-paced, any-time, any-place homeschooling with essential live online classes.

Children learn from anything and everything they see. They learn wherever they are, not just in special learning places.


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