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Your search for the best international school providing high standard competitive Academic Education along with Islamic Education & Quran Memorization ends here.

This program’s unique integrated international curriculum is a blend of American Curriculum, British Curriculum, along with an inclusion of STEM Curriculum, thereby addressing the needs of students in North America & around the world. Daily live online classes covering all subjects make students confident learners. The students interact with each other and educator to make learning fun and engaging, everyday, in every class.

Along with Modern Education, this program incorporates Islamic Education that aims at the balanced growth of the total personality of human being covering physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social & environmental aspects. These entire components need proper education and training in such a way that a child can create an emotional attachment to Islam and enables to follow the Qur’an and Sunnah appropriately.

The first surah of the Holy Quran that was revealed to the Prophet S.A.W is concerning education. It was saying “Iqra” instructing human beings to make efforts and acquire knowledge. The readers of the Quran are frequently requested to use their senses to learn, study and understand truly the meanings. It is a vital aspect of the development, progress and accomplishment of human being in the present world and akhirah.

Currently, Online Live Schooling Program is available for all KG2 & KG3 now.

How online live schooling works?

Online School Activities

live classes

3-3.5 hours/day live classes are delivered live online by our internationally experienced & highly-qualified educators. We give minimum to 0 HW to students to let them be free after classes and focus on making memorable childhood.

Students are taught in the scheduled live online classes, Monday to Thursday. Learners are active agents who bring their own knowledge, past experiences, education, and ideas – and this impacts how they take on board new information and learn.

Our qualified and experienced educators then extends learning by demonstrating the lesson with thoughtfully pre-planned engaging resources and interactive content to keep students focused. Students may then be set to work in class activities, shared tasks, individual tasks and sometimes working in groups thereby enhancing their socialization & interpersonal skills.

Real-Time & Hands-On Learning
Live Teaching Classrooms to Inspire Learners
Activity Based Learning

During the online live session, your child can communicate with the educator and other students through media like voice, text, whiteboard, demonstrations, presentations and screen sharing.

Educators will constantly monitor students interaction and respond to their questions. The absence of distractions or disruptions enables educators to devote themselves entirely to teaching and learning.

Being a part of international students classroom, your child can exchange ideas, culture, traditions etc. that can help him to develop strong interpersonal skill, a trait leaders vouch for.

What you get in this course?

It is a full time online live school program just like a brick & motar school facilitates learning.

This online program is a perfect blend of academic studies, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Quran Memorization, co-curricular activities, virtual field-trips and much more, just at the comfort of your home.

Academic Program: Covers subjects :

-English(Phonics, Reading)


-Science & EVS



-Arts & Craft(Integrated in other subjects & circle time etc.)

Al-Hidayah Program: Covers subjects:

-Islamic Studies

-Quran Memorization

-Arabic Language

Your child get to study everyday in online classes by our qualified, professional, internationally experienced educators, teaching live with rich, stimulating, engaging lessons, activities, interacting with classmates and much more.

It also covers everything from rich, interactive, high-quality animated digital lessons material to activities to assignments to projects to educators feedback to evaluations to assessments to progress report card to a course completion certificate at the end of the academic year.

extra support/what if you miss out live online class

Your child will always have access to their virtual classrooms from anywhere at anytime. They can practice activities, complete assignments and review their work easily. All classroom resources can be tracked and can help to reinforce concepts. In case if your child misses a class, then the virtual class will provide access to digital lessons & needed resources to cover up easily.

Enrollment process

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  • Submit Documents

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Academic year: September – June

Term 1: September-December/January

Assessment 1: December/January

Term 2: January-May/June

Assessment 2: June


Key to choosing right study level for your child.……….

School readiness makes the transition to school less traumatic for the child and family and gives students a strong foundation on which to build their educational future.

Kindergarten 1 (Age : 3-4 years) Kindergarten 2 (Age : 4-5 years) Kindergarten 3 (Age : 5-6 years)
Your child will enter to Early Learning Years first stage at this level. More than any academic knowledge they need to have properly progressing prime areas of learning: Cognitive, Emotional and Physical.
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Your child will enter to Early Learning Years second stage at this level. They must have strong knowledge of basic literacy, mathematics and environment to build on next education level.

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Your child will enter to Early Learning Years final stage at this level. They must have strong working knowledge of basic literacy, writing, mathematics and environment to build on next education level.
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*Note: Children should work online/virtual only under parents close supervision and must not be left alone at all.

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