Can Kids Playing at Home Get Admissions in Regular Schools…

Fill the learning gap of your child by easily homeschooling him/her at the comfort of home using our fun-filled, all-in-one international curriculum.

Your child can continue stress free play at home and get along for school preparations with our homeschooling International curriculum in an interesting way. Admissions in regular schools will be very easier then.

Term 2: Admissions Open

Course Highlights:

– Covers subjects English, Math, Science & EVS

– Daily lesson plan based digital lessons material

– Daily SOW based printable/hands-on fun-filled, interesting assignments, activities, projects etc.

– Regular feedback from our qualified educators

– Weekly evaluations & grading

– Syllabus like any international school

– Minimum Screentime

– Free Online Assessments

– Course Completion Certificate

– Affordable Monthly fee

– Extremely easy for any parents

– 50% off on Registration Fee now

We can’t wait to see you joining the amazing homeschooling course for kids aged 3-5 years.

Visit to know more:

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