Arabic for Quran Certified Online Course

Do you want to read and understand Quran? Check out our thoughtfully crafted course for you.

Non-Native Speakers often finds it difficult to understand the language of Quran. This course is crafted to help them start from basics and gain a good grip on how to translate verses in Quran and enjoy reciting it.

By the end of this course students will be able to :

  • comprehend basic verses of Quran while reading it
  • translate frequently repeated words in Quran
  • comprehend meaning of most recited Surah’s in Quran
  • grasp the message delivered in various Ayah’s of Quran
  • implement important rules of Tajweed
  • use Arabic grammar in the light of Quran.

Group 1: Kids ->10-15 years

Group 2: Women ->18+ years

Group 3: Men ->18+ years



Total 8 Sessions in 4 Weeks

Kids : 2-3pm (Toronto) / 9-10Pm (KSA)
Adults: 3-4pm (Toronto) / 10-11Pm (KSA)

Group 1: Kids Trainer =>Arab Native Speaker, Certified, Age 33 years

Group 2: Women Trainer =>Arab Native Speaker, Certified, Age 33 years

Group 3: Men Trainer =>Arab Native Speaker, Certified, Age 35 years

Our Male Trainer for Kids & Men
Our Female Trainer for Kids & Women

Kids & Women: 50% off now CA 100$ /(300Sr) -> CA 50$ /(150Sr) Only in Ramadan

Men : 50% off now CA 175$ /(500Sr) -> CA 87.5$ /(250Sr) Only in Ramadan

Ramadan Batch In Sha Allah starts from: Wed.5.May.2021.

Spend sometime to learn something worthwhile this Ramadan!!!🧕🏻☪️ Learn Arabic to understand verses of Al-Quran to read with joy & satisfaction.

Get a Course Completion Certificate! Register Now

Humble Request to Muslims Coming Here: We all need to understand that gaining knowledge is important in Islam. And paying fee to get education is a universal rule when utilizing someone’s services & time. Learning Al-Quran properly also requires services of professional trainers who had spent time & money to acquire those skills & has family to take care of to pay their bills. They are equally entitled to get paid like other professionals in order to survive and lead a standard life. This is in turn encouraging our Muslim community youth to take up careers in this field to spread the message of Allah S.W.T without bothering about the career aspects. You are also encouraging them to work hard and give you best results by paying fee for it.

Further, you are welcome to sponsor an aspiring learner who can’t afford a fee and gain Sadaqatul Jariyah (a continuous charity.) Please write to us at if interested in it.

We also have a department of Community Service where Volunteer Trainers who pass our standard of teaching benchmark, irrespective of age limit can deliver short courses for a nominal or no fee. Such Trainers can register with us by contacting us. This is arranged by our company for no cost towards the services or taxes or overhead charges involved in it. Those courses are announced when scheduled and can be taken up by the deserving candidates. However, paid courses are not a part of it.

Further Assistance:
WhatsApp: +1 647 494 9792
KSA WhatsApp: +966 546167653

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