Looking for Quran Teachers for your Kids?

Often we see parents struggling to find a proper teacher to teach the most sacred and blessed book Al-Quran.

Our teachers are competent enough to teach the Quran in a correct way. This is very important being the foundation stage of kids it must be rightly based to build on future learning.

Parents sometimes unknowingly hire teachers who commits mistakes in makhraj, Tajweed rules and correct recitation and Memorization of Quran. This will pass to kids in turn they learn wrong way of reading it.

Further, it’s not enough to just make your child learn to read Quran. It’s more important to make him learn the language to start understanding Quran. That’s Arabic! And learning from an experienced, qualified Native Arab teacher who are selected after passing a level can ensure proper teaching and learning of it. This is what we do to help parents get their kids study under competent educators.

Last, the foundation of Islamic Education and it’s practices must be inculcated at an early age using an interesting way so children are inclined towards adapting it in day to day life happily. In todays modern era, our kids are exposed to lots of tempting things through internet browsing and use of social media. This can easily lead them astray. Bring a change now to reap benefits later. Give a right platform to your kids to learn about religion and most importantly practice it for successful world and akhira.

May Allah keep us on straight path and not let us go astray. Ameen

An all in one solution for your kids to learn

– proper recitation of Quran

– Quran Memorization Foundation

– understand and speak Arabic Language like Natives

– training to make your child a practicing Muslim in the light of Quran & Sahih Hadith

Daily live classes from comfort of your home 🏡 . No need to keep changing teachers or finding different centers for each subject. All in one package 📦.

Affordable Fee

International Certificate

Open to all kids aged 3-6 years

Course: Full Academic Year

Registration: Free

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