Graduation Ceremony 2022

Alhamdulillah! By the grace of Allah, EduKids celebrated its Virtual Graduation Ceremony on Thursday 16-Jun-2022.

It was a live online event with participants from different countries around the globe. Board of Directors, Educators, Students, Parents, Grandparents were present to witness the occasion and congratulate the students upon their success and wish them luck for the future endeavors. It was an event for the students and by the students!

To begin with, it was invoked by our tiny tot by reciting verses of Quran, followed by its translation by another little one. Our lovely students enlightened the audience on important practices like good word is a charity, criteria of a Muslim to enter Jannah, ways of controlling anger etc. Students participation was amazing and with full of confidence. Kudos to tiny tots!!!

EduKids Graduation Ceremony 2022

Moving ahead was the honors for the graduating batch and the one entering KG3. It was packed with appreciation, applause, congratulations, interactive talk and lot more fun. Students were happy to see their teachers congratulating them and feeling proud about their achievements.

Students and parents enjoyed the memories of the year shared in the ceremony. It was a great excitement for students to see their activities and classwork glimpses and appreciate it.

Our educators deserve appreciation for their hard work, dedication, love and support for the superb learning experiences provided by them to students, being online. It was facilitated for them by the academy! Parents proudly acknowledged and gave shout outs to our educators for teaching their kids in an excellent way. The deep connection and strong bonding between the students and educators was evident during the ceremony and was expressed openly by the parents and students.

Indeed it was a highly emotional moment for students who expressed their love and feelings about missing their classes and teachers, towards the end of the ceremony. It was a day to be cherished by all of us.

Lastly, everyone parted with a smile, good wishes for each other, missing notes and saying Alhamdulillah!

We wish our students a great future with best of both the worlds! Ameen!!!

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