Is Homeschooling Easy?

Wondering if homeschooling preschool or kindergarten kids is easy or not?

Yes, it’s easy and you can prepare your child at home just like a regular school in a fun way. Further, take the certificate and report card to enroll him/her in a regular school in Grade 1.

Homeschool Kindergarten

How is it possible?

Through our Virtual Homeschooling Course(VHC).

Let’s walk through the process………

1) You feel that you can’t teach your child 2.5-6years at home as you know nothing about lesson planning, lessons making, activities and worksheets.

– Well we have made it simple and easy for you. Each day is well planned, providing you with detailed lessons based on lesson plans. Comes with complete set of activities and worksheets.

Just searching activities or worksheets on internet is overwhelming and not enough as well. The most important thing is to know how to teach your child in a right way. Hence, you will find with this course all self explanatory & self-paced animated, interactive lessons, with instructions for you to teach your child easily at home like a professional teacher.

This makes you bring regular school at comfort of your home.

2) Next, you feel that your child will not be socializing or will have problems to adjust in school in later years.

The answer is “Not at All!”. Socializing child with outside world is important but it’s not necessary for kids aged up to 6years. That’s the reason compulsory education in most of the countries starts from Grade 1(6years). From years 1-6 your child needs you more than anyone else to socialize and build values with strong foundation. Do you think anyone else can do this better than you for YOUR child at this age? Think twice.

3) You want to admit your child in a regular school but its very costly.

Get the education just like a regular physical school at the comfort of your home with our VHC program. Pay extremely affordable fee on per month basis and get your financial issue in budget.

4) Will my child be accepted in a regular school in Grade 1 if I homeschool?

Yes, your child will be accepted easily in Grade 1 after you successfully homeschool him/her, In Sha Allah. To add to it, we provide a course completion certificate and assessment card/report card to produce in schools to proceed with the admissions in Grade 1.

And after successfully completing our program and getting the certificate, your child is In Sha Allah well prepared to crack the placement test for Grade 1.

5) I am working and can’t spend 6-8 hours like a school to prepare my child.

The answer is you just need 1-2 hours/day and four days a week to get him/her ready for the next level, that too in a fun way, with skills-based curriculum. Have a happy and long weekend to spend with your child.

6) I am not sure if your curriculum will suit my country’s school curriculum needs to get in Grade 1.

Well, keeping this point in mind, we have crafted our curriculum that integrates age specific skills that closely aligns to the majority of the curriculum you can find. Plus our curriculum is advanced as well. He/she can easily adjust to the Grade 1 curriculum.

7) What else are the benefits or I am saving on by homeschooling?

Your child is safe from bullying that goes generally in schools.

Your child is safe at home from many issues and infections.

Your child is under your supervision and in comfort of home, being so young.

You save costs on school uniform, transport, commuting time, gas etc.

You also saves on books cost or printing costs by using our app to directly let your child work on digital copies on tablets or smartphones.

You see, it’s easy, fun, affordable, safe and a lot more to homeschool your child without any compromise in anyway.

Go ahead! Enroll today!

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