Free Summer Pack Printable – Age 6+ years

Free Summer Pack Printable for kids 6-8 years | Engage your child in a meaningful way this summer | 3 Subjects | 8 Pages

Parts of a Flower-KG 1

Masha Allah! Mother & Son learning “Parts of a Flower” in KG 1, Virtual Homeschooling Course! Parts of a Flower 🌺, KG 1 We are glad to help parents adopt homeschooling with ease and comfort. Appreciate all our students‘ mothers for their great efforts! Keep going Moms! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Activities KG 2

Our KG 2 students can show number 5 in many ways and use it in real time!!! That’s a foundation for mental math and enhance logical & reasoning skills. Number 5 representation Student’s work Student’s work Student’s work