Reached End Of Another Fun-Filled Year, Alhamdulillah!

KG3 Lesson Review-Pride Destroys Alhamdulillah we have reached the end of our Academic year. ❣️ Now the revisions are full on in classes. Educators, students and parents are gearing up for assessments starting next week. All the best! Engaging Students

Quran & Tajweed Classes

Quran and Tajweed classes for girls 9-14years & ladies. Register Register 18+ Pay Now Delivered by best Native Arabic speaking, experienced, qualified and professional educators. They will teach your child correct pronunciation, proper Tajweed, reading Quran correctly. These are interactive sessions actively engaging students to learn correct concepts in an interesting way. Fresh batch every … Continue reading Quran & Tajweed Classes

Free Summer Pack Printable – Age 6+ years

Free Summer Pack Printable for kids 6-8 years | Engage your child in a meaningful way this summer | 3 Subjects | 8 Pages

Parts of a Flower-KG 1

Masha Allah! Mother & Son learning “Parts of a Flower” in KG 1, Virtual Homeschooling Course! Parts of a Flower 🌺, KG 1 We are glad to help parents adopt homeschooling with ease and comfort. Appreciate all our students‘ mothers for their great efforts! Keep going Moms! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Activities KG 2

Our KG 2 students can show number 5 in many ways and use it in real time!!! That’s a foundation for mental math and enhance logical & reasoning skills. Number 5 representation Student’s work Student’s work Student’s work