Abacus Level 1A (New Batch) Insha Allah

Make your child a Math Genius!Insha Allah (NEW BATCH)
Any child can calculate it with speed & accuracy:
like a calculator! اجعل طفلك عبقريا الرياضيات! انضم إلى دورة العداد عبر الإنترنت لشحذ الذاكرة وإجراء حسابات سريعة ودقيقة وزيادة مستوى التركيز لدى طفلك.

Yes! Learning Abacus 🧮 let’s a child to do fast calculations, add, subtract, multiply, divide, tell times tables easily upto 200 and much more at great speed and with accuracy. This will give them confidence to stay ahead among their classmates.

It helps in

  • Sharpening Memory
  • Improves Concentration Level
  • Boost Confidence
  • Develops Cognitive Side of Brain
  • Logical & Reasoning Ability Improves
  • Enhances Creativity leading to Innovative
  • And much more…..

Give your child the best skill to become genius in Math. 1 hour of useful online session instead of games or cartoons can make your child love Math and become an Innovative Child.

Abacus Level 1A New Batch Announcement (Insha Allah)

Abacus Level 1A Online Course is starting Insha Allah to help a child become Math genius and gain essential skills to sharpen memory power.

Timings: 5-6 pm
Days: Wed-Thu
Duration : 4 weeks (each level)
Age:7-12 years
Venue: Zoom

Insha Allah another fresh batch starts on:
Monday 10.March.2021.

Special batches on weekends as well.

Enroll early to avoid disappointment!

Inbox for more details.

WhatsApp:+966 0546167653



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