Abacus for Kids

This skill will only make your child a genius....because it makes your child think, analyze, relate, imagine, focus, concentrate, build logic, create techniques, apply extraordinary formulas, feel contentment, enjoy confidence and much more. Successfully completed several batches! Another New Batch: Abacus 🧮Level 1A new batch starts In Sha Allah from Wed.6.Oct.2021, every Wednesday and Thursday, … Continue reading Abacus for Kids

Abacus Level 1B New Batch (Online Course)

In Sha Allah. Abacus Level 1B Course is going to start from Fri.02.04.2021. This one will complete our full Abacus Level 1. The course includes complete Level 1 Exam and Course Completion Certificate. Age: 9-12 years Days: Friday & Saturday (8 sessions) Limited seats. Phone/Signal to register: +1 647-494-9792 KSA Whatsapp to register your child: … Continue reading Abacus Level 1B New Batch (Online Course)

Abacus Level 1A (New Batch) Insha Allah

Make your child a Math Genius!Insha Allah (NEW BATCH)Any child can calculate it with speed & accuracy:64+25-36+20+11-3+10like a calculator! اجعل طفلك عبقريا الرياضيات! انضم إلى دورة العداد عبر الإنترنت لشحذ الذاكرة وإجراء حسابات سريعة ودقيقة وزيادة مستوى التركيز لدى طفلك. Yes! Learning Abacus 🧮 let’s a child to do fast calculations, add, subtract, multiply, divide, … Continue reading Abacus Level 1A (New Batch) Insha Allah