Qaida Nooraniya Online Course

Qaida Nooraniya Course for kids 5+years

Noorani Qaida is a first and an essential step towards the Holy Quran Learning. It helps to develop firm foundation for learning articulation points, Arabic accent pronunciation and other rules to reading Quran with correct Tajweed.

We have qualified native Quran educators, who can help your kids learn and read Qaida Nooraniya and give strong foundation to read the Holy Quran.

Qaida Nooraniya Online Course

-Duration: 3-4 months

-Sessions: 30 minutes per day

-Days: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday

-Timings: (EST/Saudi Arabia Timings Available)

-Separate time-zone batches for Gulf/KSA and USA/Canada/UK

-Fee: only 15$ per month (4 weeks)

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