Free Ramadan Planner

Ramadan Kareem!!!

Alhamdulillah, we are soon going to enter the blessed month of Ramadan.

Every minute and moment of Ramadan is full of blessings. We need to make use of it to the fullest. A bit of planning and set schedule can help us balance daily activities, work life, family life and Ramadan activities besides obligatory prayers.

Whether your child is homeschooling or online schooling or going to the traditional school, planning and scheduling things keeps you stress free and avoids haste.

Our free Ramadan planner for mom and child can be easily used for the full month covering tasks like:

  1. Ramadan Targets
  2. Ramadan Task Planner With Suggested Activities
  3. Prayer Tracker
  4. Suhoor & Iftar Planner
  5. Daily Activity Sheet for Writing
  6. Daily Checklist
  7. Shopping
  8. Notes

Try to incorporate all or some of these activities in Ramadan and after:

  1. Quran is a complete curriculum for humanity. It has everything to lead a life towards eternal success. Read at least one ayah of Quran with complete translation and its explanation. Make sure your kids are listening to it and asking questions to get the essence of it. Incorporate it in day to day life wherever applicable.
  2. A hadith a day from Sahih-Al-Bukhari can be explained in a story form and portray situations when that can be applied. Everything is not to be applied immediately but when the situation arises. So equip yourself and children with solutions from Quran and Hadith to solve day to day problems and conduct life as it deserves.
  3. Give at least a date or anything you can afford in charity. Let your child do it daily on continuous basis. Community welfare and contribution towards it comes back to us in some way or other.
  4. Make sure to make an intention of pleasing Allah and expect reward only from Allah for every act done.
  5. Try to visit relatives and meet friends. Build relations stronger with neighbors. Make sure neighbors are safe under your company.
  6. Share meals with others.
  7. Spend time in learning about Islam, pray obligatory prayers in time, learn to recite Quran correctly, pray tahajjud and anything that gives you inner peace and connects you to Allah is actually a healing for soul.

Click here to download the free Ramadan Planner PDF.

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