Homeschooling With Live Classes @27$ PM* in Offer

Homeschooling has been in practice since time immemorial. It is an equally good option compared to traditional schooling. A child is raised under parental supervision and nurtured by values practiced at home to become a responsible adult and serve the community in his/her best capacity.

Homeschooling is Fun!

Parents who decide to homeschool their children often face issues like what to teach, how to go about, what skills to cover, how to plan lessons, how to demonstrate concepts etc.

Here comes our role to help such parents to conveniently homeschool their kids in an extremely affordable fee.

Virtual Kindergarten
Confused in What to teach? How to teach? What skills to cover?

Our Virtual Homeschooling Program (VHC) is a thoughtfully planned course for homeschooling kids to focus on their goals, target their priorities in mode of learning, giving full flexibility without any pacing constraints. Parents can easily teach kids at home in a fun way with our all-in-one curriculum. This course helps to keep students ahead of the competition with our comprehensive international curriculum, giving good grasp on concepts in essential live classes delivered by our expert educators and allows them to interact with international classmates as well.

It is a best deal to comfortably homeschool your child with all that fun and learn together.

Planned homeschooling can make learning extremely fruitful.

– Mahjabeen Fatima

Childhood play itself is learning at large.

– Mahjabeen Fatima

Currently, this course is in 50% off discount offer only for the limited period of time.

The monthly fee estimate in offer is only US$ 54 US$ 27 per month*.

Virtual Homeschooling Program (VHC)

Don’t miss the chance and enroll today!

*Conditions Apply

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