Fresh Batch-Abacus (8-12years)

Its a great opportunity to improve your child’s concentration level, sharpen memory and train mind to think creatively. The learning effects are not only in Math but applied to all other subjects as memorization, attention retention and cognitive development power multiplies immensely with this technique.

Get a North American Certification for your child!

Abacus Online Course

Duration: 5 Months(20 Weeks)

Each Level(4-8 Weeks): Can Leave at any level





Days: Monday-Tuesday

Timings: 11am-12noon EST(7-8pm AST) / 12noon-1pm AST

Age: 8-12years

Fee per month(4 weeks): US $80 US$ 60 (SR 300 SR 225)

(In offer -during Summer Vacations period only)

Includes exam and a course completion certificate at the end of each level.

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